Virtual Assistant Services For Internet Marketers – Philippines Outsourcing

Virtual Assistant Services For Internet Marketers

  • Webmasters
  • Web Designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Writers
  • Link Builders
  • Social Media Managers
  • System Admins
  • Personal Assistants
  • Programmers
  • etc.

Internet marketing is not only hard work but it is also tons of effort. Nowadays Internet Marketing and SEO has become very complex, and is constantly changing, so that it is impossible to do all the work yourself and keep yourself up to date at the same time.

In order to grow your business, you must focus. You must separate yourself from all the work that others can do so you free yourself up for the important tasks in your business. These tasks are marketing, sales and creating products. This is what brings you money. All other work must be outsourced.

Why Use Us?

Let us help. We can do all the hard legwork for you. We have specialized in internet marketing and outsourcing for many years. Automate your online business and scale up with and through us. Buy services at wholesale pricing from us – or get your own Virtual Assistant (“VA”)!

Our Internet Marketing Virtual Assistants Team
Our Internet Marketing Virtual Assistants Team

Why Hire A Virtual Assistant?

A VA can do all the hard work for you. Work that you can not do, do not want to do or simply should not do. You should focus on growing your business!

Examples of Uses for Your Own VA:

  • Article and website content writing
  • Automatically post new content to your website or blog
  • Managing your emails
  • Doing all your customer service
  • Doing all your link building
  • Any SEO task
  • Data entry
  • Finding websites for backlinks (Webmaster outreach)
  • Maintain your social accounts
  • Creating accounts
  • …and lot more…
Our Virtual Assistant Workplace
Our Virtual Assistant Workplaces

We are based in Cebu City, a well-known outsourcing destination in Asia. We produce thousands of original articles every month and build thousands of backlinks for our customers. We know internet marketing and SEO because we do it every day. We are experts in hiring people. We have 200+ freelancers working for us and 30+ people permanent in-house staff.

Need a Whole Team?

If you need a whole team and not just one or two VAs, no problem. We can build you a team of any size quickly. We have access to a large pool of workers and office space can be expanded literally within a day if necessary.

Why Philippines?

We are based in the Philippines, which is known as the #1 destination for internet marketers to outsource all kind of jobs, projects and tasks. Why? Because of the people here. Filipinos are friendly, loyal and hard-working. And they speak English. They are also Christians and they love America and the Western lifestyle. If you think this doesn’t matter, think again.

You may have already tried outsourcing previously. India is also a well-known destination. The culture there is very different though, and so are the people. It may work for you; for most it doesn’t. Outsourcing is about getting the right people. Their culture, language, political and economical environment will have a huge impact on the way they work. Keep that in mind.

Why Not Just Hire A Freelancer?

There are many large and well-known freelancing boards where you can hire freelancers for every job you can imagine. They are great for getting quick short jobs done but don’t really work well when you look for a long-term solution. When you want to build your own team of trusted loyal people who will stay with you for a long time, who know your business and can grow with it, you have to think on a different scale and get your own people.

Why Not Just Hire A Virtual Assistant Myself?

Hiring just one VA or even building a whole team is not as easy as it sounds. It is even less simple when you want it offshore and fully online. Think about all the things you have to do in order to find, hire, train, manage, supervise and keep good people. This is a job of its own. Do you want to burden yourself with more work or less?

We have been here for many years already. We are an established company and very experienced in hiring people for all kinds of work related to internet marketing. We hire almost on a daily basis. Hiring people is a lot of work. We have to conduct interviews, select the right people among dozens of applicants. We perform tests, get paperwork and all the administrative stuff done. We train the people. We constantly supervise them. We have to make sure we comply with all the local laws. We calculate and pay salaries, taxes, and social security on time. We must provide the workers with a desk, computer, internet connection and make sure they have access to the office any time they need it, when you need them, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We need to make sure tech problems are solved quickly, programs get installed and updated and computers maintained. The list goes on.

If you have a trusted and experienced partner like us, all these things don’t matter to you because it all gets done. You can focus on growing your business and on getting results.

I’m Sold, So How Much Does It Cost?

We are not the cheapest provider, but you get what you pay for. Our experience and reliability has its value. When you consider all the troubles and headaches you can avoid by going through us, you will find us very affordable. Every minute you can save by using us, you can spend on your important business tasks to make your organization grow faster and better.

Part-time VA: $425.- per month (roughly $5.31 per hour)
Full-time VA: $769.- per month (roughly $4.81 per hour)

NO setup fee.
NO 13th month salary (we pay for it, it’s required by law).
NO hidden costs.

Prices are all-inclusive. We pay the mandatory 13th month salary, social security, taxes, office space, electricity, computer, desk, internet, training, tech team, supervisory costs. There are absolutely no extra costs or hassles for you.

Many providers charge a setup fee of $250 or more, but we don’t do that for several reasons.

Many so-called Virtual Assistant providers are nothing more than brokers who are just interested in earning the setup fee, as often as possible. Their office, if they even have one, is set up like an internet cafe where the VA can rent a desk, come and go when they want and do what they want. So they hire any guy quickly to sit him at a desk, so they can cash in on the setup fee. After that, they don’t care any more what happens with the VA, the client or the work.

Often, you are even left with the responsibility to pay the Virtual Assistant directly somehow via Xoom or other weird ways as the “company” doesn’t want to employ the VA legally, nor does it want to have anything else to do with him/her any more, or with you. It would mean the company has to employ the worker and pay taxes, fees, insurance and other things. This doesn’t work, nor is it legal. We hire people who work in our company, for and with us and you. We try to hire good people because we want to keep them. We treat them fairly and legally so they stay with us and you for a long time to come. You can trust and build on them.

The pricing is for standard local working hours during daytime from Monday to Friday, 40 hours a week. If you need the VA to be present in the night, on  holidays or weekends, we must charge the following extra costs required by law:

Night shift is 10% extra
Weekends and Holidays = 100% extra

Please note that the pricing is for a VA with standard skills. If you need special skills such as a seasoned programmer or call center agent for example, the salary must be higher. Please contact us for a quote.

You can cancel the agreement at any time on a monthly basis. Fees must be paid one month in advance, there is no refund when you cancel during the month, your VA will just stop working at the end of the month.

Why Does The VA Have To Work In Your Office?

All Virtual Assistants are required to work in the office and not from home so you get much better, reliable and consistent results.

  • They are safe from power outages and other technical problems

Being home-based could have a serious negative impact on the quality of work. For example, power and internet outages are very common in the Philippines, as they are in any cheaper outsourcing destination. Some outages can last even for days. A home-based VA will then just disappear for hours or days. In the office however, we are nearly 100% free of such issues as we have a professional setup.

  • They have a good stable internet connection

Home-based online workers often can’t afford to pay for a good internet connection. Internet outages are very common if you don’t have a professional internet line as we do in the office.

  • They are supervised

One of the biggest advantages of having workers in the office is the ability to supervise them. A home-based VA has no experienced project manager or supervisor who can help him out when he/she gets stuck in the work. There is also no tech team available to solve problems with the computer or software.

  • They have a focused professional environment

Consider all the distractions a home-based Virtual Assistant usually faces which can influence the work negatively. Usually a home-based VA has no separate room where he can separate his professional life from his private one. All the private issues we all face in our daily lives now naturally invade the work flow. Kids are running around and screaming, visitors are coming and going, and there is other noise from outside. Therefore, we require VAs to work in the professional environment of our office.

Freedom And Growth With Your Own VA

Having your own team will give you the freedom from all the tasks that you can’t do, don’t want to do and shouldn’t do. In the beginning, it will take some extra effort but as a business owner, you should think strategically and long term. The benefits outweigh the minor extra work in the beginning.

If you struggle because you already have too much to do, start by getting your first Virtual Assistant and delegating your first tasks. You will quickly experience what a big impact it makes on your life. You capture extra time that you can now use for your private life to get the necessary time off from your business and do the things you enjoy, or you can use the extra time for focusing more on the important parts of your business. The most important step though is to take action now and hire your first Virtual Assistant!

Virtual Assistant 101 – Important Things You Must Know Before You Hire

If you have never outsourced before, read this first. It’s vitally important for your outsourcing success. Some things may seem common sense to you but they are easily overlooked.

  • Always provide crystal-clear and detailed instructions

This is by far the most important part of outsourcing success. It takes some extra work and therefore is commonly avoided but it is absolutely crucial.

Whenever you give your Virtual Assistant a job to do, be as clear, detailed and illustrative as possible. Use annotated screenshots or better, create videos to show and explain exactly what you want, even if you think it should be clear or common sense. Your Virtual Assistant is not an expert, nor does he know you or your business yet. Things can be very easily misunderstood or misinterpreted. Do not leave any room for misunderstanding when explaining exactly what you want to have done, how and by when. Ideally, show an example or describe the desired result in detail.

There are fast and easy ways to create and share screenshots and videos. Here are some programs we use. Some are even free or have a free version:

Also check out our Internet Marketing Resources page of all the tools we use.

  • Focus on results, not on time

This is very important as well. You have hired a Virtual Assistant and probably calculated your costs per month and per hour, and you are excited about how much money and time you can save now. Naturally, you want to get as much out of your VA as possible. This is all great and right but your main focus should remain on results. You are doing this because you want results for yourself and your business. Be clear about these results and always remind yourself about them.

If you find yourself thinking about or doing any of the things below, it is a sign that you have lost focus:

  • constantly watching and monitoring the VA if he is there and doing something
  • it makes you crazy if the VA doesn’t have enough work to do or is idle
  • you try to “invent” work for your VA to keep him busy
  • it makes you crazy when the VA is not around when he should be
  • it makes you crazy when the VA doesn’t respond right away
  • you get nervous when things don’t go your way

Don’t forget you are outsourcing to reduce your workload and stress, not to make yourself crazy over it. Delegation is not easy and must be learned step-by-step. There is a learning curve.

The biggest hurdle is you. The biggest problem people have when they outsource the very first time is to let things go and trust that they will get done. Yes, nobody knows the job better than you. Yes, you are the best person to do the job right. But that’s not the point. You delegate and outsource because you want or need someone else doing the job so you can use the free time for something more important. This should be your focus. This is how you can grow your business. Not by doing it all yourself, all the time, but by teaching other people to do your job. This is the only way you can scale up and grow. If you keep doing everything yourself, you will do a great job and deliver great work, but you will also remain a one-person shop and will never outgrow your self-employment company.

You HAVE TO teach and trust other people in order to grow and replace yourself. Give your Virtual Assistant room and time to move, learn and do things his own way. Give him a job with clear instructions but then leave him alone and let him figure out how to do it himself.

If you are satisfied with the result, other things don’t matter any more.

  • Don’t expect more than you can get

Be fair and realistic in your expectations. Your Virtual Assistant is not the expert you are and probably never will be. You cannot give him a task that only you could do with your expert knowledge. If you have such a task you want to outsource, you must break it down first into smaller pieces, into smaller processes that your VA can do.

  • Respect and accept cultural differences

There is no doubt that people from other countries are different. They have a different culture, language, lifestyle, expectations, economic environment, climate, educational background and so on.

You will achieve much more when you accept that, rather than trying to change it and force people to do it your way.

This is very hard at the beginning, but it is part of the “letting go” mentality that you must have when you outsource. Again, let go and expect results and don’t care too much about HOW the results have been achieved.

There are some cultural specifics about Filipino workers that you should know and accept such as:

  • Different point of view about punctuality

This is probably one of the biggest struggles for Western people. Time is never seen as strictly as in Western culture.

Actually, unpunctuality as Western people see it does not exist here. Only Western people label this behavior as unpunctuality. When you agree to meet a person for example, appearing exactly at the agreed time is even considered impolite. Nobody expects it. Even more, the more important a person is, the later he or she comes. When you tell your VA you will talk to him at 4 pm, it’s possible that he really doesn’t expect you to be there at 4 pm, but much later.

If you take this personally, as a sign of impoliteness or laziness or whatever, you are wrong. You are fighting something that is just different and is almost impossible to change. Again, focus on results. However, in this office we try to teach our people to be punctual, but this is only possible to a certain point. It’s often hard to understand that you are doing it wrong and not them! Accept it to a certain degree, otherwise you will just stress yourself over nothing.

  • Fear of failure

Workers in the Philippines are almost fanatic to please. They want to do it right. This sounds great and it is, but there is also a flip side to it. If they don’t know how to do something, they are afraid to tell this to you. They are afraid to approach you for questions.

This is one more reason why you must provide crystal-clear instructions and always check from time to time on how they are doing. This is also a reason that speaks against home-based workers. In the office, we supervise all workers to make sure the work doesn’t get stuck. The VA has somebody to ask for help.

  • Losing face

In Asian cultures saving face plays an important role, also in the Philippines. Getting loud, screaming and shouting is not only considered as very impolite, but can cause someone to lose face. There is a good article about this here.

  • Always friendly and laughing

…even or especially when things go bad. Read the article about losing face and you will understand it. Don’t get upset when things go wrong and your VA remains calm and friendly. As a Western person, we were taught to be brutally honest with each other and always tell the “truth” about things that go wrong and point these things out without hesitation. Here, the opposite is true. You may think your VA doesn’t care because his behavior doesn’t reflect the bad situation or work, but the opposite is true.

  • Strong desire for harmony

Modesty and humility are lived virtues here. People try to avoid any form of confrontation and always look for harmony. This makes it a great place to live but sometimes it’s hard for Westerners to do business here because they have learned to do business differently. Here you achieve more when you try to solve problems in a harmonious way, in a calm environment where everybody can save face.

  • Delegate first what bothers you most and what you shouldn’t do at all

Think about what you really should do yourself and keep doing it yourself. For example: talking to key customers, focusing on marketing and sales, product creation or any other key part of your business that brings growth AND that fits your strengths. Then step-by-step start to outsource everything else.

Begin with the easy tasks first, then move over to the more complicated ones. Just keep the tasks where your biggest strengths are. The ultimate long-term goal is that you can focus at least 80% of your working hours on tasks that fit your strengths and passion. This will give you joy and excellence in your job.

  • Start slow and easy

Don’t think you can get rid of all your workload at once. Delegating and building a team, or just teaching a Virtual Assistant at first, takes time. Nobody can do the job better than you, that’s right, so keep that in mind when you teach somebody else to do your job or parts of it. Be patient. It will work out. Outsourcing is not a short- term fix but a extremely powerful tool to achieve long term goals and success.

Part-time VA: $425.- per month (roughly $5.31 per hour)
Full-time VA: $769.- per month (roughly $4.81 per hour)


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