Same-Day Delivery Guaranteed

Same Day Delivery Guaranteed

Press Releases:

PR in 1 Day’ – Same Day Delivery Guarantee: We guarantee delivery of your press release within 24 hours or your order is FREE!

Terms and Conditions: Press release with same-day delivery must have been ordered (‘PR in 1 Day’). A fully completed press release form must have been submitted to us together with the full payment for the order. Once all information and the payment has been received, we will deliver your press release within 24 hours from that time or we will refund your money. If you also order press release submission, we submit your press release within 24 hours as well and send you a submission report (screenshot of done submissions and/or live URL of the press release, whatever is available). The 24-hour delivery window excludes Sundays and holidays.

Same day delivery guarantee is only available for up to five (5) press releases per customer per day. If you need more press releases with same-day delivery please contact support before you order. If you don’t submit a completed press release form or if the information provided is not sufficient to write the press release, or if you can’t be reached in a timely manner for questions, the guarantee is voided.)

When you choose “Press Release with Submission” and choose the option to review the article before the submission, the time for you to review and approve the article does not count in the 24-hours guarantee.

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