SEO Reseller & Wholesale Program

SEO Reseller & Wholesale Program

Become a reseller, charge your own pricing and keep all the profits! Welcome to our reseller program.

By becoming a reseller you can offer our products and services to your customers under your own name and pricing. Your customers will never know that you actually buy the services through us.

Here is how it works:

Becoming a reseller takes more work than becoming just an affiliate but it can be as simple as adding a basic order button to your site, or as high-end as connecting to our API for full automization and customization.

Here are some examples

A) Add a simple Paypal order button to your website:

Let’s say you want to resell our press release writing service and charge $50 per press release. Just add a Paypal “Buy Now” button to your website and take the order from your customer. Your customer pays YOU the $50, he is your customer, you are in control.

You then also collect the necessary information from your customer about the press release he wants. You can do that by offering your customer a simple online form (there are free form generators), or you just email the customer after he has placed the order and ask him for the order details.

Once you have the details, just head over to our website and place an order for a press release.

Manage multiple customers easily with our AMS platform and API access

You can easily do that for more customers and still have everything under control and organized. Our AMS platform will be helpful with that. When you place an order you can simply define a project name for every order that helps you to identify different orders from different customers. Once orders are completed, they will show up in your AMS platform where you can search and sort for project names to have all orders of a specific customer in one place.

B) Use our API for full automization and customization

If you have many customers and a lot of orders, you should consider using our API. API access is free and it lets you send and receive orders fully automated. It is fast, reliable and robust. Just contact CEO [AT] to get the API documentation and your free API test account. You can also find more API information here.

Have questions? Just contact CEO [AT] and get started!

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