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Get a dofollow backlink from Google! We create one or more public Google Maps that link back to your site. Pricing per single Google Map.

Map Description


Indexing Package

(Optional) We build backlinks to your Google Maps URL by making several posts to popular Web 2.0 sites.


Your keyword, description, URL, contact details.

Get a dofollow backlink from Google! We create one or more public dofollow Google Maps that contain one or more links back to your site. Pricing per single Google Map.


Public Google Maps Backlink
Google Maps Backlinks Example

The following information is needed, please submit it in the comments textbox when ordering:

  1. Keyword for Google Map Title: If you want to target a specific keyword phrase then let us know. We can add the keyword safely into the Google Maps title.
  2. Description:
    1. You want any specific text to show up in the Google Maps description? E.g. the services you offer etc. We add the text you provide for free.
    2. We can also add your other URLs there, e.g. your Facebook page or your citation URLs etc.
    3. You can also order an article under the extra options. In this case we will write an original relevant article that also contains local elements connected with the map location. Ordering the article is strongly recommended when you don’t provide a text yourself or you want to get the map indexed in Google. It’s very difficult to get the map indexed in Google without a long description of at least 300+ words.
  3. Exact contact details and URL(s): In the description we can add your address details, phone number and URL as well. Please submit together with your order.

Note: this also works for websites that don’t have or need a physical location. We just can use any random location to create the map.

Special Note: The Google Map we create for you can be ranked in the Google search results! This means it’s not only just a backlink but can also show up as a normal search result like any other page when people type in the keyword in Google Search. The keyword should be in the Google Map Title. Precondition is that you have a long relevant Map description and that you order the Indexing Package and then build more backlinks to your Google Maps URL depending on the keyword competition. The article we will write for the Indexation Package can be used as Map description.

Indexing Package (optional): To get your Google Map indexed quicker and to get some backlinks to your Google Map we strongly recommend to order the indexing package. We will write an original relevant article and make up to a dozen blog posts on popular Web 2.0 sites that include a link back to your Google Map URL and will also have the map embedded into the post!

Example of an indexing post:

Google Maps Indexing Package
Google Maps Indexing Package – Several public posts to various popular Web 2.0 sites containing your Google maps URL and embed

Option – Google Map Account Ownership: By default we use our Google accounts to create the Google Maps and you don’t get access to these accounts. If you want to own the Google accounts so you can later change, edit or delete the Google Map we have created for you then please order ownership.

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Restrictions: no adult, gambling or pharmacy URLs. Maximum of 5 URLs per Google Map (e.g. add URLs to your social pages). Please note that the backlink anchor text can be the full URL only (URLs to inner pages are supported). Keyword anchor text is not possible.