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Google Local Business Ranking (Snack Pack)

Ranking package to get into Google’s local business rankings (aka ‘Snack Pack’)

Snack Pack Ranking


1) Please send us your website URL and full address of your business. If you already have and know your local business listing please send us the URL as well.
2) Send us the keyword(s) you are targeting

Enter Custom Payment:

Ranking package to get into Google’s local business rankings (aka ‘Snack Pack’). For example if you are a dentist in New York city and a customer types in “new york city dentist” into regular Google Search, then the first three results that show up under the map are the Snack Pack results:

Google Local Business Ranking - Snack Pack - 3 Pack - Local SEO

Formerly called 7-Pack.

The key for local rankings for any local business is not to rank #1 in organic search but to rank in the top three of the so called “Snack Pack” (Google’s Local Finder), the local results that Google shows together with the Google Map (see screenshot above).

To get into the three listings that Google shows you need different things than you would need to be top in organic search. We can get you into the Google Snack Pack.

How to order:

  1. Request a quote: Please contact us first and request a quote by submitting the order form on this page by choosing “Request a quote”. It’s free of charge. There are many different factors to consider for a Snack Pack ranking. We will have to analyze the competition first and get back to you with a plan and pricing. Please submit your website URL, your URL to your business listing (if any), your physical address of your business and the keyword(s) you are targeting.
  2. Submit payment: If you accept our offer then you can submit payment on this page by entering the pricing into the “Enter Custom Payment” field and proceed to checkout. As soon as payment is received we will start with the optimization.

Please note that getting into the Snack Pack can take some time and doesn’t happen overnight, especially when competition is high.

Requires “Google My Business Setup” and “Google Local Business Reviews” if there are not at least 5 reviews already.



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