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Download our FREE Article Mixer to spin your UAW articles! Below you can download our free desktop version of the article spinner that can spin UAW and AMA articles. However, every customer also gets access to our more advanced article spinner which is integrated into your AMS account. You can spin every UAW or AMA article with it directly out from your article dashboard.

Watch this short video to see how the free desktop article spinner works!

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Article Spinner FAQ

Is Article Mixer really free?

Yes. You are allowed to use it as often you want and as long you want. You can even give it away for free! Give it away to your friends or customers, bundle it with your other products or place it on your website as a free download. You can even get your own brandable version of Article Mixer, with your logo and name, just contact usYou are NOT allowed to SELL Article Mixer.

Why would I need spun versions of an UAW article?

There are so many places where you can publish an article. There are hundreds of article directories, Web 2.0 properties, blogs and ezines where you can publish articles. Instead of publishing the same version of the article everywhere (“duplicate content”), you will achieve much better results when you make each article a bit different. With Article Mixer you can do this.

Is article spinning legal?

Spinning is never illegal or against any law.

Isn’t article spinning spam?

I strongly believe that Article Mixer does NOT produce spam articles because it works differently than many other article spinners. With UAW and Article Mixer you ALWAYS produce readable articles. If the UAW is written correctly then the output article is 100% correct as well. Always. That’s the big difference from other article spinners where you never know what (garbage) comes out at the end. And if you publish garbage, then it is spam of course. This is not the case with Article Mixer.

Which version of Microsoft .NET do I need to run Article Mixer?

You need the latest version. If Article Mixer gives a .Net error, please go to and click on “Get the .NET Framework” to download and install the latest version of the .NET framework.