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Increases Google CTR and user experience numbers of your website. Pricing per keyword. We strongly recommend to order a monthly subscription.

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A big ranking factor now in Google is CTR (click through rate from a Google search result to your website) and other user experience data of your site, e.g. how long a user remains on your site or especially the bounce rate (the percentage of single-page sessions, i.e. sessions in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page). We can improve these user engagement numbers by manually searching for your site in Google with your desired keyword and with a local IP that matters, click through to your site and staying there for a while.

This reduces bounce rate and improves positive visitor metrics signals that overall lead to a high quality score of your site.

How it works:

Let’s say your website is and you want to improve your ranking for the keyword “new york dentist” by improving your organic click-through rate and Google user experience metrics. Real human visitors will look in Google for your targeted keyword, locate your website, click on it and spend some time on your site:


CTR and user experience booster

In short: Our user behavior is exactly the one that Google likes to see. Especially powerful for Local Search SEO where just a few searches made that way can already can make big difference in your site metrics.

This is not only effective for your main website but can also be used for your Facebook page or other social or Web 2.0 properties.

Pricing is per keyword:

  • Local Keyword: campaign lasts about 2-3 weeks with about 1-2 searches per day
  • Non-Local Keyword: campaign length and user searches per day depend on monthly search volume your keyword has according to Google.

Daily human searches: We adapt the daily searches in order to avoid click-spam triggers. If you want us to increase daily searches please let us know. The higher Google’s monthly keyword volume the higher the daily searches can be and the higher the costs for a campaign or the shorter your campaign will last. You can check a keyword’s monthly keyword volume with the free Google Keyword Planner Tool.

Option “Play Video Embeds”: If your provided web page URL contains a video, activate this option to have a human playing the video for at least 1-3 minutes. Pricing per single video.

Option “Social Signals”: We can add social signals from Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Best practise: Improving and keeping up your bounce rate and other visitor metrics shouldn’t be a one time investment but an ongoing project. As soon as the campaign stops, your numbers will go down again. So in order to keep good numbers up we strongly recommend to order a monthly subscription to this service now.

Monthly CTR Subscription