Order Entry Guide

Order Entry Guide

Please read this guide carefully before entering orders. All orders you submit in your AMS account will go live immediately and any changes you need to do afterwards can only be done by the support team manually, if at all.

First Step: Choose The Right Order Type

Choose Order Type From The Drop Down Menu

Choosing the correct order type is the first thing you must do. For a Complete List Of Order Types please click here. Choose the order type from the drop down menu and AMS will automaticall display other required or optional fields for you to fill out.


Article requires customer approval” – Editing Terms:

Article Requires Customer Approval

For article submission orders, we provide you with the option review and even edit the article before we distribute it. If you turn this option on, you will receive an email from AMS as soon as the article is finished. Submission is on hold until you approved it.

The email contains the article and also an approval link. Quickly review the article and if it is fine, just click the approval link in the email and we will continue processing your order.

If you want to edit the article, you must log into your AMS account and locate the article there in your “Open Orders” list. The article is highlighted and provides you with “View/Edit Article” link and an “Approve this Article” link like shown in the picture above.

Just click on the “View/Edit Article” link to open and edit the article. Don’t forget to press the Submit button there to submit the article and to save the changes. After that you must also press the “Approve this Article” link, otherwise your article remains on hold!



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