W2-P Web 2.0 Profile Backlinks

W2P- Web 2.0 Profile Backlinks

We create keyword backlinks for you on up to 125 different Web 2.0 sites.

Note: Web 2.0 Profiles are considered as a more aggressive link building method and should not be used as the only link building method but only added on top of other methods!

Highlights of our Web 2.0 link building package:

Up to 125 unique quality backlinks for your site
True one-way backlinks (no reciprocal linking required)
True dofollow backlinks (means search engine don’t ignore but follow them)
Links from high PR sites (Google Page Rank)*
Links from different web hosts
Links from different domains
Links from different Class-C IP addresses
Hands-Free Service!

How to Order

Please note that these Web 2.0 Profile Backlinks are from different sites than the Web 2.0 Article Backlinks. That means you can combine both Web 2.0 link building packages and get up to 215 (!) unique backlinks to your site.

The more competitive your keyword is the more backlinks you need. We have different link building packages available, from 25 to 125 backlinks. If you have a low competition long-tail keyword, then 25 backlinks are often enough. If competition is stronger, then choose 50 to 125 backlinks.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us by email or chat with us live right now.

Please note that you can provide up to 5 keywords for every package you order. Each keyword can link to a different URL.

To place your order now please go to the order page.

For ongoing large volume orders please check out our API access.

100% Hands-Free Link Building Service

This is a 100% hands-free service for you. Just tell us your keyword(s) and we do all the work. Within a few days we create all backlinks for you plus deliver a full detailed report to you.

Top Quality

All links are build manually!

Top Pricing

Why are Web 2.0 Profile Backlinks cheaper than Web 2.0 Article Backlinks? Because they don’t require an article to be written and they are less work.

Full Reporting

You get a full report for every single link that was built with the full URL to each link so you can check everything yourself.

Please note that our reports are ‘special’, means we go the extra mile for you. While other providers just send you a screenshot of the submission process, GetArticlesDone sends you a list of the URLs of all live pages. Now such a live URL report takes lot more time and work to create as you can imagine.

Our report is much more valuable because it shows you that the submitted pages really went live and also you now can just take the URLs and work with them further. For example you can easily bookmark them, submit them to RSS or other directories, build backlinks to the pages via article marketing etc. In short words, our report allows you to promote these pages further if you want. Things you can not do with a normal submission report. So please add at least a week or more until you recevie the report.

Quick Turn-Around Time

It takes a few days only. Please keep in mind that all these links are build manually!

25 Backlinks: ~ 5 days

50 Backlinks: ~ 8 days

75 Backlinks: ~ 10 days

100 Backlinks: ~ 12 days

125 Backlinks: ~ 14 days

Profile Backlinks

The backlinks from this service are placed directly on sub-pages of high PR (Google Page Rank) sites. We hyperlink your keyword. It is a dofollow backlink with the URL you provide.

True One-Way Backlinks

These are all true one-way backlinks, that means there is no need for you for reciprocal linking. You don’t need to link back to these Web 2.0 sites. You have to do nothing.

Dofollow Backlinks

These are all true do-follow backlinks. This means search engines follow these links and these links pass Page Rank to your site.

Unless you have a special program or look into the HTML code of a web page, you can’t see the difference between a dofollow and nofollow backlink but the search engines know very well. Nofollow links contain a special HTML code that tells search engines to ignore this link. This link is literally worthless for SEO purposes. It doesn’t pass Page Rank. It has no ranking power.

Most third party sites today use nofollow linking for various reasons, mainly to optimize their own internal pages. If you place your links there, they are not helping you at all. You are wasting time and money.

We have discovered highly popular hot Web 2.0 sites where we can place your backlink as true and legitimate dofollow backlink.

No other service offers such quality backlinks in this quantity.

Great Diversity

You get great link diversity because the sites are on different domains, web hosts and even Class-C IP addresses!


Do you guarantee that the backlinks get approved and go live?

Yes! The URL you get from us in the report is the public URL to live page containing your link(s). However, since these are all third party sites, we of course can’t guarantee that these pages will stay live forever. It’s out of our control what the site owners will do with their sites and site policies in future.

How Long Will These Backlinks Stay Live?

The more links we post per page (remember, you can provide up to 5 different keywords and URLs per profile page) the higher the chances that this profile page might get deleted in future. So for highest SEO benefit and for the biggest chances that a profile page lives for a very long time is placing only one backlink there (means only one keyword and URL).

Also note that if you want us to post backlinks about adult topics or affiliate links then such profile pages may get deleted much quicker. We don’t have bad experience with affiliate links yet though but the terms of some sites may prohibit building backlinks with affiliate links.

Why should I bother with these links if I can get backlinks easily with article submission?

Classic article marketing with article submission to the top article directories like ezinearticles.com, buzzle.com or goarticles.com or using mass distribution services like DYA/AMA/UAW are a great way to get quality backlinks and everyone with a web site should do article submission on a regular basis. We also do it and use it heavily every day!

However, article marketing is just one way of getting backlinks. It is a well known technique almost everybody doing it. It will give you only a certain number of backlinks and almost always from the same sites over and over again. It’s very effective but overused as well.

Web 2.0 Profile backlinks are now another, new and by far much less used way of getting different backlinks to your site.

You can now extra backlinks from different sites than the known article directories. Everybody who does SEO knows that having as many backlinks from as many different sites as possible is the key to high rankings. Link diversity is crucial. So if you have a highly competitive keyword than you must get as many backlinks from as many different sources as possible to outrank your competition.

Do you place any other backlinks to other sites in “my” profile page?

No. We only place your backlink(s) there.

Do I own the accounts you create?

Yes. You get the account logins to these profile pages.

What is better, the “Web 2.0 Profile” backlinks or “Web 2.0 Article” Backlinks?

Both are different ways of creating backlinks on Web 2.0 sites. The article backlinks are contextual backlinks which are considered as more powerful by most SEO experts. The advantage of profile backlinks instead is that we can create more and cheaper backlinks. We also can offer a ongoing package where we can create up to 40 new profile backlinks every month which isn’t available with article backlinks.

The answer is, both are different and great ways to build backlinks on different Web 2.0 sites and should therefore used together and not one instead of the other.

Are these high PR backlinks?

No. High PR backlinks mean that the backlink is placed on exactly the same page that contains the PR (Google Page Rank). This is not possible and if it would be possible, such links can easily cost several hundred Dollars per single backlink per month, charged by the site owner.

Our links are usually links from high PR sites. That means the “mother” site itself is usually a well known site that has a high PR. The advantage of such sites is, that the high PR of the site is often passed along to its sub-pages and sub-directories over time. Like any other link, it passes Page Rank to the location where it points to, no matter where it is.

What PR does the “mother” site have?

Many sites, not all, have a PR between 3 and 7.

Do I have to do something after you have created the backlinks?

Only if you want to. Since these sites are well know and have high traffic, these sites are often well structured and interlinked and also well indexed by the search engines. A new page created there often gets picked up by the search engines quickly and over time also has chances to benefit from the high PR of the mother site when it gets interlinked with other pages of these sites, for example through the author profile page, through keyword tag pages, through user commenting etc.

To increase such chances it is recommended to promote these pages we create for you further, for example by building backlinks to these pages, bookmarking and pinging them. This increases the value of the page and its backlinks on it further.

Can you show me a list of all these sites?

Sorry, our site list is confidential but you get a full report with a link to every page we have created for you.

Can you show me a sample report?

Sorry, our site list is confidential but you get a full report with a link to every page we have created for you.

What else is special about these links?

Beside of the SEO benefit and all the other advantages mentioned above, you can also use affiliate links or redirect URLs as backlink URL. These types of URLs are often disallowed by many article directory sites so it makes it difficult to use them in an article marketing campaign. Here you can. However, there might be still some Web 2.0 sites that disallow such links as well so we can’t give a guarantee that all links will stay, but most will.

* Please read the FAQ about this. These are not high PR backlinks. The purpose of these backlinks is not to provide high PR but link diversity.