Web 2.0 Article Submission

Web 2.0 Article Submission

We publish your article on up to to ninty (90) selected Web 2.0 sites.

Order this service with our powerful new random resource box method for a natural looking link profile. One submission can include multiple URLs and keywords and we can automatically add generic anchor text as well!

Highlights of our Web 2.0 link building package:

Up to 90 unique high quality backlinks for your site
True one-way backlinks (no reciprocal linking required)
True dofollow backlinks (means search engines don’t ignore but follow them)*
Article embedded links (highest search engine value)
Links from high PR sites (Google Page Rank)**
All links from different web hosts
All links from different domains
All links from different Class-C IP addresses
Hands-Free Service!

* Please note that the larger packages can include nofollow links as well. If so it will be shown on the order page. Many SEO experts say that a natural mix of dofollow and nofollow sites works better for them.

** Please read the FAQ below about this. These are not high PR backlinks. The purpose of these backlinks is not to provide high PR but link diversity.

For ongoing large volume orders please check out our API access.

How to Order

On the order page scroll down to “Web 2.0 Article
Backlinks”, choose your package and click “Add To Cart” button.For the backlink: please enter the keyword phrase plus the URL before you check out or email us after the payment has been done. Example:Keyword: “dog training”URL: http://www.yourdogsite.com/your-page.html . Only one keyword and URL is allowed per package!

More sites mean more exposure. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us by email or chat with us live right now.

Please note that you can only provide 1 backlink keyword for every package you order. It makes no sense to order a package of 10 backlinks and provide 10 keywords. That means only 1 backlink per keyword which won’t help you with anything. The smallest package that makes sense therefore is 10 backlinks for 1 keyword.

The second reason why we only allow 1 keyword is because an article with many hyperlinked keywords looks spammy and gets deleted easily. It also dilutes the Page Rank power.


Let’s say you have a site about dogs (www.yourdogsite.com) and you need backlinks for a specific page on it, let’s say your dog training page located at www.yourdogsite.com/dog-training.html.

Your main keyword phrase is “dog training” and let’s say it is a quite competitive phrase, which means we need a lot of backlinks. You decide for the 90 backlinks package. We now write a general article about dog training and then we spin it a bit to make it different for each of the 90 sites. Then we go to all these 90 sites, post a different version of this article to each of them and put your backlink into the article. The anchor text of the backlink is “dog training” and the link goes to your page at http://www.yourdogsite.com/dog-training.html

To place your order now please go to the order page.

100% Hands-Free Web 2.0 Publishing

This is a 100% hands-free service for you. Just tell us your keyword or topic and we do all the work. Within a few days we write a quality article (or you provide your article), embed a backlink into it, publish it, and send you a report.

The backlinks are placed directly on sub-pages and sub-directories of high PR (Google Page Rank) sites. We hyperlink your keyword. It is a dofollow backlink with the URL you provide.

Top Quality

All links are built manually with natural white-hat SEO techniques.

Full Reporting

You get a full report for every single link that was built with the full URL to each link so you can check it yourself.

Please note that our reports are special. We go the extra mile for you. While other providers just send you a screenshot of the submission process, GetArticlesDone sends you a list of the URLs of all live pages. Such a live URL report takes lot more time and work to create, as you can imagine.

Our report is much more valuable because it shows you that the submitted pages really went live, and also you now can take the URLs and work with them further. For example you can easily bookmark them, submit them to RSS or other directories, or build backlinks to the pages via article marketing. In short words, our report allows you to promote these pages further if you want. Things you cannot do with a normal submission report. So please add at least a week or more until you receive the report.

Fast Turn-Around Time

It takes a few days only. Depending on your package size, from about 3 to 8 days plus reporting time. Please keep in mind that all these links are built manually and that we create a live URL link report and not a worthless submission report (see above)!

Top Pricing

Unlike other providers who spam Web 2.0 sites with automated software use and low quality content, we have content written by our professional writers and then our trained in-house staff publishes the article on every site by hand. Quality has its price.

Article Embedded Backlinks – Contextual Links

The backlinks from this service are directly embedded into related articles. SEO experts consider such contextual links as much more powerful than other types of backlinks. That means if your keyword is “dog training”, you get a backlink directly within an article that is about dogs or even dog training.

Such article-embedded backlinks have the highest value in the eyes of the search engines and are superior to all other types of backlinks!

True One-Way Backlinks

These are all true one-way backlinks. That means there is no need for reciprocal linking. You don’t need to link back to these Web 2.0 sites. You have to do nothing!

True Dofollow Backlinks

These are all true do-follow backlinks. This means search engines follow these links and these links pass Page Rank to your site.

Please note that the larger packages can include nofollow links as well. If so, it will be shown on the order page. Many SEO experts say that a natural mix of dofollow and nofollow sites works better for them.

Unless you have a special program or look into the HTML code of a web page, you can’t see the difference between a dofollow and nofollow backlink, but the search engines know very well. Nofollow links contain a special HTML code that tells search engines to ignore this link. This link is literally worthless for SEO purposes. It doesn’t pass Page Rank. It has no ranking power.

Most third party sites today use nofollow linking for various reasons, mainly to optimize their own internal pages. If you place your links there, they are not helping you at all. You are wasting time and money.

We have discovered highly popular hot Web 2.0 sites where we can place your backlink as true and legitimate dofollow backlink.

No other service offers such high quality backlinks in this quantity.

Top Link Diversity

All backlinks come from different domains, web hosts and even Class-C IP addresses. This means every single link counts and doesn’t get filtered out because all links come from one place.


Do you guarantee that the articles with the backlinks get approved and go live?

Yes! We write the article, embed your backlink, post it to the site, and make sure it goes public. The URL you get from us in the report is the public URL to the article so you can check that for every page we create. However, since these are all third party sites, we of course can’t guarantee that these pages will stay live forever. It’s out of our control what the site owners will do with their sites and site policies in future.

Since we post general informative articles with only one backlink, our experience is that these pages stay live for a long time and don’t get deleted.

Please note that we can’t give this guarantee if you want us to post articles about adult
 or with affiliate links. We don’t have bad experiences with affiliate
links yet, but the terms of some sites may prohibit building backlinks with affiliate links.

Why should I bother with these links if I can get backlinks easily with article submission?

Classic article marketing with article submission to the top article directories like ezinearticles.com, buzzle.com, or goarticles.com, or using mass distribution services like distributeyourarticles.com is a great way to get quality backlinks. Everyone with a website should do article submission on a regular basis. We also do it and use it heavily every day!

However, article marketing is just one way to get links. It is a well known technique with almost everyone doing it. It will give you only a certain number of backlinks and almost always from the same sites. It’s still very effective, but overused as well.

Web 2.0 Article backlinks are now another, newer, and by far much less used way of getting different backlinks to your site.

You can now get up to 90 more backlinks from different sites than the known article directories.

Everybody who does SEO knows that having as many backlinks from as many different sites as possible is the key to high rankings. Link diversity is crucial. So if you have a highly competitive keyword, you must get as many backlinks from as many different sources as possible to outrank your competition.

Why can I only provide 1 keyword?
Why do you create only 1 backlink per article?

There are three reasons for it. First, the more backlinks we stuff into an article the higher the chance that the article gets flagged as spam or as too promotional. If so, it will get deleted within hours or a few days. Second, the more backlinks an article contains, the less authority they will have. The fewer the number of backlinks, the more powerful they are for SEO purposes. Third, since we write an article and have to embed the backlink within the article, the more backlinks we have to create the harder it is to write a good “normal” article that makes sense. For all these reasons we only allow one backlink per article.

Will there be any other backlinks to other sites in the article?

No. We only place one backlink into the article, yours. However, some sites use special plug ins to monetize their site. Such a plugin will hyperlink some words of your article. You may have seen that before, when you move the mouse over such links then a pop-up opens that promotes something. However, usually these backlinks are not SEO
backlinks. Also, the majority of the sites we use doesn’t have that at all. What we want to say is, we don’t have control over what these third party sites do with the page we create, but we don’t add any other links than yours to the article.

Do you write an unique article for each site?

Yes and no. We write an UAW article (= 3×500 words or 1,500 words total) with different spun title versions. As you may know, an UAW consists of three unique articles. Then we mix these articles with the Article Mixer to create different new versions of the article. So each site gets its own version of this article.

How long are these articles?

All articles have a minimum of 500 words.

Do I own the accounts you create?

Yes, if you buy our account creation package beforehand. No, if you don’t buy it.

If it is the first time you order Web 2.0 Article Backlinks from us, we strongly recommend buying our account creation package first. This way we create new accounts at these sites for you and you own these accounts exclusively. We can use your accounts in the future as well, if you want us to post more articles to your accounts.

However, if you don’t want to own the accounts and don’t need the logins, you don’t have to buy the account creation package. We simply use our shared accounts to post articles with your backlinks.

Do I get the login details for the accounts you create?

Yes, if you buy our separate account creation package. No, if you don’t.

Are these high PR backlinks?

No. High PR backlinks mean that the backlink is placed on exactly the
same page that contains the PR (Google Page Rank). This is not possible and if it would be possible, such links can easily cost several hundred dollars per single backlink per month, charged by the site owner.

Our links are links from high PR sites. That means the “mother” site itself is usually a well known site that has a high PR. The advantage of such sites is, that the high PR of the site is often passed along to its sub-pages and sub-directories over time. As with any other link, it passes Page Rank to the location where it points to, no matter where it is.

What PR does the “mother” site have?

Many sites, not all, have a PR between 3 and 7.

Do I have to do something after you have created the backlinks?

Only if you want to. Since these sites are well known and have high traffic, these sites are often well structured and interlinked, and are also well indexed by the search engines. A new page created there often gets picked up by the search engines quickly and over time has chances to benefit from the high PR of the mother site when it gets interlinked with other pages of these sites, for example through the author profile page, through keyword
tag pages, and through user comments.

To increase such chances, it is recommended to promote the pages we create for you further, for example, by building backlinks to these pages, bookmarking and pinging them. This increases the value of the page and the backlinks on it further.

Can you show me a list of all these sites?

Sorry, our site list is confidential, but you get a full report with a link to every page we have created for you.

Can you show me a sample report?

Sorry, our site list is confidential but you get a full report with a link to every page we have created for you.

What else is special about these links?

In addition to the SEO benefit and all the other advantages mentioned above, you can also use affiliate links or redirect URLs as backlink URLs. These types of URLs are often disallowed by many article directory sites so it makes it difficult to use them in an article marketing campaign. Here you can. However, there might be still some Web 2.0 sites that disallow such links as well so we can’t give a guarantee that all links will stay, but most will.