UAW – Unique Article Wizard Articles

UAW- Unique Article Wizard Articles

We write one original article plus two rewrites of it. One UAW means you get three articles!

This service is especially for Unique Article Wizard (UAW) account holders who need correctly formatted UAW articles for this popular distribution service.

Order this service with our powerful new random resource box method for a natural looking link profile. One submission can include multiple URLs and keywords and we can automatically add generic anchor text as well!

There are many other uses for UAW articles. Here are some examples: Put one article on your website and submit the other two versions to article directories. Or, post different versions of the UAW article to the many Web 2.0 sites out there to get one-way backlinks to your website.

Unique Article Wizard (UAW) is a unique article distribution service. Unlike other services which simply submit the same unchanged article to different places (duplicate content!), UAW creates and submits unique versions of your article. This results in more backlinks, better indexation, and much more traffic.

Please click here to see a sample UAW article.

300+ words (6+ paragraphs, 3 articles total): $7.95 $7.86
400+ words (7+ paragraphs, 3 articles total): $8.95 $8.79
500+ words (8+ paragraphs, 3 articles total): $9.95 $9.71

UAW Submission Service

We not only write a UAW article, but can also submit it to for you. Our experienced in-house team knows how to submit the article properly. Since requires that each customer has his/her own UAW account, you will have to sign up for a UAW account first, then we can submit the article to your UAW account.

Our rates for writing & submitting the article for you:

UAW300SUB $11.95 $11.05
UAW400SUB $12.95 $11.98
UAW500SUB $13.95 $12.90

The pricing includes 1 resource box. We offer multiple resource boxes and also anchor text variation in the resource boxes. Please check out the order page to see the pricing for multiple normal and multiple random resource boxes.

Download the FREE Article Mixer to spin your UAW articles!

For ongoing large volume orders please check out our API access.