Revision & Refund Policy

Revision & Refund Policy

Your satisfaction is top priority for us! We are completely available at all times to make sure you are happy with your articles.


In case you are not satisfied with our work and wish us to issue a refund:

A) If we have not yet started working on your order you will receive an 100% refund immediately.

B) If we have already started working on your order, please note that we can not issue a refund for work in progress. However, we are happy to issue a refund for the other work. For example, if you order 10 articles and our writers are already writing 4 of these but have not yet started working on the other 6, we can give you a full refund for these other 6 articles.

C) If the work has already been delivered:

Once you have received the work, it can not be returned. There is no refund for delivered produces and services (Please note that all products and services of are non-tangible goods and that there is no physical shipping).


If the work that you have received from us is not as described on the website ( or as has been discussed in the written conversation between and you, we are happy to make revisions. If we are not able to deliver or make the revisions, you will receive a 100% refund for the parts that we can not deliver or revise.

Requests for a refund or revision must be made in writing to and received within 48 hours after delivery. When a refund is issued, you have to agree in writing that you will no longer use the articles for which you have received the refund and that you delete all files. This is subject to all vendor copyright laws.

Any abuses of this policy as determined at the sole discretion of may lead to a denial of a refund.