Quality Guidelines

Quality Guidelines

Your satisfaction is our top priority. You can always count on us. Here is why!

We know that our customers want quality work delivered quickly. To assure that, we have implemented the following quality guidelines:

Quality Checks:

Perfect English Without exception, only native English speakers are writing for you. Each new writer is getting reviewed by a senior writer first. His/her articles must be a good read and have no grammatical errors.
Original Work All articles are automatically checked by copyscape.com to make sure they are 100% unique and original.
Article Length Articles are automatically checked for the required article length. You will always receive articles that are longer but never shorter than expected!
Article Title You will never receive articles without a title. Even better, the article titles will always have a minimum length of 5 words or more to make sure they are compelling enough to attract readers. The presence of an article and its minimum length is automatically checked by the system.
Keyword Use Our system automatically checks if your keyword is in the title and the article body. However, please note that because of the nature of some keyword phrases, some may have to be changed to maintain the flow of the article.
Paragraphing Paragraphs are important for readability and to keep the readers’ attention. Our system automatically makes sure that an article has enough paragraphs compared to its length.
Clean Formatting Our system automatically formats the article correctly and also cleans it up. Unnecessary empty spaces, hard line breaks and lines are removed. The article title gets capitalized. Unwanted special characters are removed or replaced. You get a perfect clean article that you can use in your emails, post to your blog, or publish on your website without problems.

In addition to all these checks, each article is manually reviewed by an editor!

To Assure a Quick Turn-Around Time:

Each writer is automatically tracked and informed by the system. The system keeps the writer updated about delivery times, open orders, delays and other requirements. In the case work is delayed or can’t be finished by a writer, other writers are available to take on the order.

Currently there are more than 100 writers who make sure that even large orders are getting done quickly!

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