Press Release Writing & Submission

Press Release Writing & Submission

Press release writing and submission service to up to 40 selected press release distribution sites.

NEW Option: Same Day Delivery Guaranteed!

Press releases are a great way to get a large amount of traffic and high quality backlinks to your site.

We now offer you a 100% hands-free package of writing and submitting your press release. For large volume orders please check out our API access.

Please fill out and submit our Press Release Form completely before you order!

The price per press release is only $12 ($19.95 with Same Day Delivery Guaranteed!)

Press release writing and submission (distribution) starts at $15.95.

Step 1) Writing Your Press Release

We write your news release based on the guidelines for press release writing of one of the leading press release distribution services online,

How we write your press release:

  1. No advertising: The most important difference to other article distribution and
    advertising methods is that press releases are not for advertising or to post a general interest articles. Such press releases will get rejected by every quality distribution service.
  2. Must be newsworthy: Press releases must have a strong news angle. Therefore you must provide us with information such as:
  • a new product or service you launched
  • a business expansion
  • a recent event
  • a milestone you reached
  • an anniversary
  • an award
  • or any other newsworthy subject

3. News releases have an objective tone. They are written in a journalistic rather than marketing style.

The article length is between 250 – 350 words, depending on how much we can actually write about your story by complying with all the rules for press releases. We can’t fill the release with fluff or other “content” since this might get your article rejected. So a press release is pure meat and written in a special tone and style.

Please provide as with as much of the following information as possible when you order:

  1. Exact details about your story, the news we shall write about.
    1. Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be breaking news, it can be just anything that sounds like news, for example if you added a new article on your website you can take that as your news, or you have added a new product or service, you updated a product, or you have something interesting to say.
      Some examples:

      1. “XYZ published an interesting article today that helps to…”
      2. “XYZ website now with new design”
      3. “XYZ added three new products..
      4. “CEO of XYA saying that…”
      5. “XYZ planning new service that…”
  2. Please send us the exact URLs to your web pages where we can find background information and useful reference material about you, your company, your products and services, or the news event.
  3. Shall we use your company name in the title or domain name? Please tell
    us how the press release should be titled. Example:

    1. “XYC Inc. launches new product…”  OR
    2. “ launches new product…”
  4. Please send us all full names of all persons involved in the story plus any
    additional relevant information about these persons (profile)
  5. Quotes are almost a must! A quote is important as chances are high it will be quoted by journalists. What do you want to tell the journalists about your news? What’s your message? Give us one or two sentences that we can quote in the press release. Example:
    1. “CEO John Smith says that…”
    2. “Product Manager John Doe says that….”
  6. Date and place where your news happened or will happen
  7. Any additional useful facts & figures that are important to mention about your story, company or persons involved.

Step 2) Distribution of Your Press Release (Optional)

You don’t know how to get your press release distributed? You have three options:

The hardest part is the tedium of spending hours at various submission sites to get your press release published.

1) The best exposure gives you the market leader but it costs between up to $360 to get 1 single press release distributed. For larger budgets it’s definitely worth the money but the price tag is hefty. Especially when you consider that you should do at least 1 or 2 press releases a month it can become quite expensive. So what’s available for smaller budgets?

2) There are many very good free distribution sites available where you can submit your press release yourself. Just ask us for these sites and we are happy to name them.

3) Or, you simply choose the 100% hands-free way and we submit your press release to up to 40 distribution sites for just $29.95. This price includes the writing of your press release!

Our Press Release Distribution Service – Just $29.95 ($39.95 with Same Day Delivery Guarantee)

For just $29.95 we write AND distribute your press release.

Please provide this information below so we can submit your press release to these 40 sites. Please note that this information is required at most of the submission sites and if not filled out, the submission will be rejected.

Keep in mind that it is possible that you get contacted by an interested journalist, newspaper or ezine editor who wants to know (write) more about your company and products – especially when your news has some local interested! This is not a promise or a guarantee that your news will be picked up by the local news media, but the chance is there. Therefore, your contact details should be correct!

  1. Your company name, Phone Number, Full address (Street, State, Country), Contact Email and Contact Name . These details are required and will be visible to the public!
  2. For backlinking: Your two most important keywords plus the corresponding URLs. Some sites allow keyword hyperlinking, so don’t miss this opportunity to get high quality keyword backlinks!
  3. The category: Please try to name at least two categories, a general one and a more specific one, here are some examples:
    1. Business – Consulting
    2. Health – Weight Loss
    3. Computer – Hardware
    4. Legal – Copyright Law

Please note that it is beyond our control if these sites accept/publish/distribute the press release or not. However, we guarantee that your press release will get published on at least 20 sites.

Step 3) Submission

If you want us to submit your PR, you have two options for the report. We provide you with a Google link so you can check the distribution of your press release live in Google (free) or we can create a detailed report containing the URL of each site where your press release was submitted ($15).

The Google link is included for free and is sufficient for most customers as Google really finds most, if not all of the press releases very quickly.

However, if you want the extra URL report please note we must charge extra, as it is a lot more work to generate the report. The extra report must be ordered beforehand! We can’t create the report once the submission is finished. We must know that you want the report before we make your submission. The extra report costs $15 extra.