Manual Backlinks – The Google Penguin Solution

Manual Backlinks


Real contextual backlinks from quality third party sites. Exactly the type of links Google wants to see!

NOT from article marketing, content spinning, comment posting, social bookmarking, Web 2.0 posting or other sources that Google (Penguin) doesn’t like.


With “Manual Backlinks” you have the solution now for building (Tier 1) backlinks to your (money) website in a safe way. Manual Backlinks are here to stay, even if bigger and better Google (Penguin) updates will come, simply because these are exactly those kind of links Google loves AND it’s next to impossible for Google to detect and label them as bad.

Since Penguin came out, web business owners, webmasters and SEO consultants were told by Google that building links is bad. Actually, everything you do to promote your website is now off-limits and in the worst case, can get you penalized. Google wants you to put up a website, but doesn’t want you to promote it. Sounds crazy? Yes it is, but that’s the way it is. It’s their search engine; they make the rules and they owe you nothing. Why do they want that? Because THEY want to be the only one who is in full control and charge over your site’s rankings so they can decide which sites show up and where in their search results.

You can roll over and die, or just adapt. Many died and went out of business. But Google always had rules and always changed them. Most importantly, Google is still there, and so are all internet users, all the search traffic. Nothing has gone away. Just the rules changed. So apply the new rules and you will get rankings and traffic again. Even more traffic and better rankings now because it is easier than ever to get traffic and rankings now. Really!


Yes! You read right. Thanks to Google’s Penguin and Panda updates, it has never been easier to get ranked high quickly! Now why is that? These two updates literally killed millions of websites, and keep doing it every day. That’s why! Google cleans up. Google reduces the number of sites that compete for a certain topic or keyword. The competition gets easier!


So what does this all mean? It means that those who know how to play the new game will get ranked faster than ever before and those who don’t will just get hammered. The new rules are basically very simple to follow and to apply, you just need to know exactly what to do.


You know the saying that when one door closes, another one opens. This is exactly what happens now. Except that nobody knows where the new door is that has opened, and how to use it. They all look at the old slammed door and hope that it opens again. But it won’t, so they waste their time. In the meantime, the smart guys walk through the new door and find an abundance of traffic and easy rankings.


Now is the time to take advantage of the opportunities. Stop being scared of SEO or link building or Google penalties. If you set yourself up the right way, you are way ahead of Google and your competitors. You can promote your website, you can promote it like crazy, and get rewarded by Google for it big time. And even if Google hammers your site one day, you don’t care because you are prepared.

Again: The Google search engine is still there, it hasn’t gone away. So all the traffic is still there, all the customers. There is even more traffic now because it goes to fewer sites!

The only thing that has changed is the way you must build and promote your site.

This is how to do it, with Manual Backlinks. We call it “Manual Backlinks” because we build links in a new, safe and fully manual way so Penguin or Google loves it. How does it work? It starts with knowing your enemy.


Since Google decided for us all that ANY kind of link building is bad, no matter what you do and how you do it, link building has become a game where you shouldn’t get caught. Google has two ways to find out if you have been a bad boy. First of all, they have their computer algorithms. When the Google bot comes to your website to analyze it, hundreds of automated checks and tests are performed. Based on the results, you get ranked high or low, or not at all, or even get penalized in some way. You may get totally hammered and removed from their search engine. This is all automated, simply a tech war.

The second way Google tries to find out what’s going on with your site is through manual reviews. This is when a real person from Google heads over to your website and sniffs around to find any suspicious activity. If found, this person will issue a manual penalty on your site that is very hard to overcome. Manual reviews are rare and usually only happen when someone (your competitor for example) reports your site to the Google spam team.

So basically we have to deal with two issues. The bot and probably a manual review later on.

A manual review, of course, is much harder to deal with. You can easily trick a computer algorithm, but a real person can easily detect things within a minute that look fishy.

So the first thing you have to decide is if you need your site to withstand a manual review or not. If it must, your options are much more limited.


Right from the start, you need to make these decisions because later on you cannot go back and make changes. Every link you built, once it is live, is there and even if you would be able to go out and delete it again, Google “remembers”. They save your link history and can always go back to a previous date to see that you have been a bad boy.

So every link you build must be as good as it gets right from the start.


So ask yourself a simple question. If Google doesn’t want you to build links (but you have to in order to get ranked), how then can you build links that do not get detected in a negative way by the bot? And even those that could withstand a human review?

This is the mother of all link building questions right now. You HAVE TO build links to promote your site but you aren’t allowed to do so. So the only way is to do it in a way that you can’t get hit. Or even if you get hit, you will have backup options.


This is where our Manual Backlinks come into play.

We build these links in a way that is almost impossible to detect or to decide if this link was built for “real” or not. There is no footprint, no evidence, not even a clue. Nothing is 100% certain in this world, but these links are as certain as they can get.

The bot has no way to see that this link was built manually. Nothing found means the link receives full ranking power.

And because of that, these links rock! They are immensely powerful. You can get ranked quickly and highly with just a few links. Finally the bot found a link that looks perfectly normal, not spammy, not created differently than the others!


Now listen. These links come at a price of course. There is a lot of work involved and these links are not easy to create. Google raised the bar big time and we have to adapt.

But the good thing is, as said, just a few Manual Backlinks already outrank dozens, hundreds or even thousands of spammy links. So you must see the costs in comparison.

To protect this powerful strategy, we do not disclose how we build these links. Just to be safe from Google. We do not want others to use and abuse this method, nor do we want information to be leaked to Google in one way or the other.

You, of course, get a report of the links so you can go and check them out and you will be very satisfied, but we don’t tell you how they got there. Please, keep your list of links on your local drive and don’t upload it to your Google drive, don’t Gmail it to somebody, or show it around. In short: don’t show Google that these links belong together somehow. Just keep them private and safe. They are valuable. Don’t brag or show off. Enjoy in silence.

Now you got some Manual Backlinks, your site rocks and Google is happy. Don’t stop there though, just to be safe. You should…


With Manual Backlinks you are pretty safe and in very good shape, and as it looks, you will be good for a very long time to come. You have found the ONLY solution that works, congratulations.

BUT, nobody can know what Google will do next. The links that count today may not count tomorrow. Google changed minds and rules frequently in the past and will so in future. Are you willing to put all your eggs into one basket again? Of course not. As a site owner, as a business owner, you must be prepared. Things can change in an instant. The solution to this problem is having a working backup plan.


Are Manual Backlinks links that Google likes?

These links rock but let us be straight here. Google does not like any link that is built on purpose to get better rankings. They want you to launch a site and then sit and wait for backlinks that magically appear out of nowhere. You can do that (and have a site with zero backlinks and zero traffic) or you can go out there like everybody else does (especially your competitors) and actively promote your site and get backlinks.

Backlinks are an absolute necessity for good rankings. Backlinks ARE rankings. Since Google has decided that there are good and bad backlinks, you must make sure you get the best backlinks possible. The best backlinks are those that Google loves (especially the bot) and that Google cannot detect as “made up”. Manual Backlinks are such links.

Can Manual Backlinks be detected by Google?

We are 99% sure they can’t. There are no obvious footprints or other ways Google would possibly know or be able to find out. Manual Backlinks get found and indexed by Google of course, and they pass link juice big time because they are not labeled as ‘bad’ by Google.

Can Manual Backlinks get me penalized?

We are 99% sure they can’t get you penalized because we see no way that Google could possibly find out the link was created. We can’t give any guarantees though.

Are Manual Backlinks safe to use for my money site?

Yes. These backlinks work very well and are the best possible links you can build for your money site. However, nobody can guarantee what Google will do in the future, so always have a backup plan.

How are Manual Backlinks built?

We do not disclose that information. We use different ways, sources and strategies to create those links. You just need to know that we build them very carefully and 100% manually and that it takes a lot of work and know-how. You get great contextual backlinks from good third party sites. That should be enough information for you (and for Big Google brother).

How many Manual Backlinks can you build for me?

As many as you need.

Do you use automation tools to build the links?

No. All links are carefully manually built.

Can Manual Backlinks help me to get a Penguin penalty removed?

They could and should if the penalty was issued by the Google bot and not by a real Google person. Manual Backlinks can help you to improve your overall link profile in a way that you may one day get over a certain level again that the bot considers as normal or OK and lifts the ban. However, this may take months or even years and there is no guarantee for success. The worse your link profile is, the longer it will take or the more impossible it gets.

If the ban was issued by a human, they usually require that you clean up as many as 70% of your links first and file reconsideration requests before the ban is lifted.

Can I chose my own anchor text?

Yes you can, you even have more choices of what is allowed in the anchor text as with any other link building method. Just give us your list of desired keyword phrases and we will use these as anchor text for the backlinks.

What are the anchor text rules and limitations?

One of the big advantages of Manual Backlinks is that you can use almost any anchor text you want. If you have been in SEO for a while you know that most sites do not allow keywords from certain niches or keyword phrases that are too long, like 4 or 5 words or longer. Many sites also do not allow affiliate links.

With Manual Backlinks you can use almost every anchor text possible, even affiliate links or very long keyword phrases, even sentences if desired. However, ‘special’ anchor text may not be always possible, please ask first before you order.

How much do Manual Backlinks cost?

Every link we build is different and requires a different amount of work. We cannot say. We can give you an average number but some links will be far less and some will cost you more. The way it works is that you give us a budget, let’s say you want links for $500. Then we can tell you that you probably will have an average of 3 to 5 links for a year or longer. The costs mainly depend on how difficult your niche is and the amount of work involved to create the link.

How long does it take you to build Manual Backlinks for my site?

It depends or your niche and the quality of your website. Some niches are harder and more work than others. In some cases, it will be necessary to improve the quality of your website first. As a rough estimate, the first links should be in place within 3 weeks after we have received your order and payment.

Can you build links ongoing for me?

Absolutely. The easiest and safest way is to set up a subscription payment with us so we continue to build fresh new Manual Backlinks for you every week or every month without interruption.

Are there ongoing costs with Manual Backlinks?

Yes and no. Some links will require ongoing maintenance, others not.

Are Manual Backlinks Penguin safe?

As far as we can tell, yes. There is not really a way for Google to find out so we say: Yes, you are safe. No guarantees though. They work like crazy; we do not know any other form of backlink that would work better. We also do not know any other type of backlink that will have a longer lasting success, even if more Google updates come in the future that will try to hammer, destroy or penalize link building. We strongly believe that our Manual Backlinks are here to stay for a very long time.

Are Manual Backlinks nofollow?

Usually not, they are do-follow.

How do I know that the link is not from a penalized site/page?

No worries, we test this before we place the link.

Do Manual Backlinks have something to do with article marketing, guest posting, press releases, article spinning, profile backlinks, Web 2.0 backlinks, comment posting, forum posting, social bookmarking?

Not at all.

Do I get a report?

Yes. You get a list containing the URLs to the pages that contain your link.

Are Manual Backlinks contextual links?

In almost all cases, yes.

Are Manual Backlinks high PR (Google PageRank) links?

Sometimes, but we do not look at page rank as it is not important. The links work and are powerful because they are so different and not because of page rank.

Are there many other outgoing links on the page where my Manual Backlink is?

Usually not at all. To preserve the ranking power of the link, we try to make sure that there are as few other outgoing links as possible on the page. Sometimes though, there are many outgoing links but then these links are beneficial in a way (we can discuss that if you want).

Do I have Manual Backlinks forever once paid?

The payment is usually good for about one year or even longer. There are usually ongoing fees involved to maintain the number of links as no link lasts forever and Manual Backlinks involve work and maintenance. But every link is different and we can only tell once we build it.