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HQ ArticlesExtra High Quality

It’s a matter of fact that more than 95% of our customers are very satisfied with the standard article quality we deliver. Our quality guidelines are not just words. Many built-in automated checks and tests plus manual reviews make sure you get top quality articles at highly competitive prices.

However, some customers need more:

Very well researched pieces of content about specific topics where the writer invests significantly more time, research and work into the article.

Only highest rated writers will work on HQ articles*
Additional proofread by our main editors**

*We have an internal rating system where all writers are continuously rated by our main editors. Only seasoned writers with the highest rating are allowed to work on HQ articles.

** HQ articles not only go through our standard checking system but will also go through an additional proofread by one of our main editors.

Our pricing for HQ articles starts at $2.55 per 100 words. We must review your request first to make sure we know exactly what you need. In most cases this rate is sufficient. In some cases a higher rate may be required.

On the order page, please just choose “HQ Articles” and thereafter in the shopping cart just change the quantity. For example, if want to order an extra high quality article that is 500 words in length, then just change the quantity to 5.

Please contact us with your request. For ongoing large volume orders please check out our API access.