AMS Manual

AMS Article Management System

Here is what AMS (Article Management System) does for you:

Gives you an overview of all your open and finished orders
Shows you what’s in progress and what’s finished
Saves all your ordered articles and products for later download
Searches and filters your articles and projects
Exports open and finished order lists to a CSV file


Overview Video

Please watch this overview video to see how AMS manages your orders.

Search & Filter Function Video

Please watch this video to see how you can search and filter articles and projects in your AMS.

Project Tagging Function Video

Please watch this video to see how you can add comments or project names to every article or product you have ordered.

Archive Function

Once you feel you have too many finished orders in your AMS account, you can simply select specific orders and move them to your archive. You can also use the filter menu to filter orders first and then use the select-all checkbox at the top of the list to select all orders at once.

To view the archived orders, just click on the “Archive” menu. You can move orders out of the archive again any time.

Account Settings

Click on the “Account Settings” menu to change your password, email settings and project email settings:

Project Email Settings

These settings work only if you use project tagging when ordering. Let’s say you order 7 articles and assign the same project name to all of them. If the account setting “Send me email when all orders of the same project are finished” is checked, AMS will send you an email notification once all 7 articles are completed.

If you also turn on the second setting, “Attach a ZIP file with all finished products of the finished project”, then AMS will also attach a ZIP file to this email containing all 7 articles.

Email Settings

Any time there are important AMS news or finished projects, AMS will send out an email to the email addresses listed there. You can enter two different addresses if you like. Enter at least one email! If you leave both emails fields empty then you won’t be able to receive any emails from AMS.


For ongoing large volume orders we offer API access!